(finally, belatedly) released!

so I've never written a devlog before but hello!

v0.1.0 has just released and contains the full jam version of the game, an estimated 30 minute first person adventure game/VN hybrid.

this took way too long but I learned a lot about C-like scripting, pixel art, tracker music, animation and why you should definitely not try to tackle all of these things at once during a game jam if you've pretty much never done any of them before. on the other hand I learned that it is very rewarding to do all of those things yrself. I have not learned my lesson and will continue to push myself in solo dev oh god please help me

despite coming out a week and a day past the deadline sukeban is still very much a jam game, warts and all. let me know if you come across any bugs or strange logic!

have a great day,

<3 chloe


Windows (v0.1.0, the jam version) 5 MB
95 days ago
Mac (v0.1.0, the jam version) 7 MB
95 days ago
Linux (v0.1.0, the jam version) 8 MB
95 days ago

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Congrats on creating this; looking forward to trying it out!

ahhhh thank you, pace!