A recorded voice interrupts the silence.

"Excuse me. Please deposit 10 cents for the next 3 minutes. If 10 cents is not deposited within 25 seconds, your call will be automatically terminated.”

receiver is an interactive fiction game where you have only one decision. Not “one turn” or “one option”, one binary decision. Every situation you find yourself in presents you with the same choices: do you HANG UP? or PAY?

(cw: parental abuse, implied casual transphobia)

Technical note: The game can be played only one time, which, while in theme, was not intentional. My mistake. After the jam I'll add a restart button to the endings. If you'd like to see other endings, please clear your cache or download the HTML directly and reopen the file to play again.

a game by chloe spears.
created for the gmtk game jam 2019.
heavily inspired by aisle by sam barlow, and other one-turn interactive fiction.
also inspired by adam cadre’s photopia.
special thanks to dana lubow.


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Really touching story. The hang up/pay mechanic was suprisingly effective! Took me a little too long to realise it was the end of the game though, maybe add a end screen for dolts like me. Expanding it visually would be nice but actually I thought it was kinda powerful just as text.

Normally I don't play text adventure games, but this one caught my attention. The story was interesting, but a bit hard to follow. On the submission page you mention that the story is about multiple women and that it happens in multiple places.

I expected the story to be about one woman or to be about telephone calls people have at this one telephone booth. I would also add some art to make the story more clear, but maybe you're not good with art (me neither ;-) btw).