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I'm new to this type of game format and I really enjoyed it, thanks! The pacing and plot had me treading carefully, and the ending commands had me holding my breath and waiting for what's next. I second the possibility of a 'help' command for newbies (like me) that could remind the user on what they could do when stuck (even a reminder saying 'pay attention to your surroundings' or 'remember to inspect/view everything').
Minor suggestions:
-adding 'back' as an alternate command for south (to match forward+north) & 'pull down' as an additional answer to one of the puzzles (since that's what I deciphered from the description, but getting stuck there was on me)
-"You want to give the kids going on it now the best experience, so they get the chance [to] love it just like you did..."
-I'm not sure if I ended the game correctly (I assumed it was the end when I couldn't type anymore), perhaps something to indicate the end/credits scene?

Thanks again for this game (and introducing the game format)!  It was really fun, can't wait for more (:


thank you for the feedback! glad the writing comes across well, and I'm really glad it works okay as a first work of IF. (if you'd like to play more in the genre, consider ryan veeder's taco fiction, adam cadre's photopia, and/or emily short's counterfeit monkey for a few different takes on what parser IF can look like!)

I've been working on an update, so I'll definitely put your suggestions on the list! I do want to ask if you could give a little bit more information on what you mean by "pull down," because I can't think of an action in the game that that'd apply to. either I've forgotten the action or my description's misleading/vague.

thanks again!

Thank you, I'll definitely check them out! In Auction Scene (Destroyed), the redhead's dress is pulled up, the answer 'cover up' makes sense but I initially inferred the answer as 'pull down dress'. Inferring that I had to do anything with her dress at all was new to me so it took some time haha
Good luck!


oh! yeah, that's a totally reasonable action to try. will put it on the list!